Sunday, December 7, 2008

Haley's 9th Birthday Slumber Party

Haley had her 9th birthday this past week. I can not believe that in less than a year now we will be 2 digits :( It is really making me feel old! Anyhow, she wanted to have a slumber party this year. She selected a Hannah Montana theme (surprise, surprise!!). We had a yummy purple guitar cake thanks to Courtney (Celebration Cakes). The girls were all very well behaved. They had a good time, lots of running around and screaming!! They had teeth brushed and down watching a movie by 11. I went to bed at that point due to exhaustion from a long week, never heard a peep!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Deer Slayer

Ok so I know this has nothing to do with the girls except for the disturbing fact that it amuses them! Bradley has become quite the deer hunter in the past couple of years. He does not like to waste a lot of time sitting in the deer stand, he prefers to go ahead and get them crack of dawn opening morning! He informed me that this year he was going to be patient and wait for a big buck. I think I am going to ship him to Tunica because he seems to be pretty lucky. My phone beeped 6:30 opening morning with a text ''I got one. Think it's a good one''. Sure enough it was a monster! So, I just had to brag a little on my man!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It Won't Be Like This For Long

I woke up to this song on the radio this morning and loved it. I am sure all moms & dads will and I wanted to share. It is by Darius Rucker, former lead singer of Hootie & The Blowfish. Get your tissue out and listen!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bradley's Diaper Bag

This is just too funny not to share!! Bradley probably finds no humor in it, but I do believe my fellow mom friends will! So, here is the story... I had a spa party last night and Bradley and Faith went to dinner and Sears. I saw him leave with this little backpack but did not think anything about it.

This morning I am looking for Faith's wipe box that stays in her bedroom, you know, the big one!! After lots of searching, I find it. That little backpack was Bradley's diaper bag! And below you see the contents of the diaper bag, the whole, big wipe box and a couple diapers! As funny as it was I was still impressed that he took the time to get a bag that he was comfortable carrying and put the neccessities in it! I may need to do a line of "Dad Diaper Bags"!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Not Skinny Dipping

Haley was taking her bath tonight and Faith wanted to take one too! She decided that there was no need to bother anyone with removing her clothes and dove right in!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sleepy Girl

Faith was so sleepy last night that she was apparently delirious. There is not much explaination needed for the pictures except yes, she is rubbing her eyes with her toes!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Haley is playing fall soccer for Jonesboro Soccer Association. This is her first time at the sport. Bradley never played the sport and I played a couple of years when I was little but do not really remember anything about rules and such. The girls only had 2 practices before the first game yesterday. So it pretty much so goes without saying the poor Haley was lost.
She expressed great concern on friday about her upcoming games due to the lack of knowledge on what she is supposed to be doing. Bradley got online and got a little information and went over it with her. She started the game and ran around without making any contact with the ball. About 10 minutes into the first half she declared that she was not going to play! Bless her heart, she was totally lost. Bradley had a talk with her and she went back into the game. She ran hard, made several contacts with the ball and overall did an awesome job. We had our second game this afternoon and she played like a pro! As you can see, the sport took alot of energy from her and she was red-faced and exhausted by the end of the game.
We will have some more practice this week and then back out for 2 games next weekend. We are hoping for some possible goals next week! Feel free to come out and cheer her on!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Fall Items

Me, Amy, Sabrina & Erica are working on some coordinating fall items. Here are a few of the items that I have been working on. Check out everyone elses blogs and etsy stores to see their items!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Faith & Kitty

Well, Faith is warming up to the kitty. She did not want it on her in the beginning. She preferred to watch from afar and maybe pat it on the head but that was it! This morning after we dropped Haley off at school, Faith decided to hang out in the garage for a miniute with the kitty. I left the utility room door open while I sat my things down. Faith met me in my bedroom with kitty. Unfortunately it appears that the neck is the best place to hold a kitty when you are 1! I let her love on it for a minute and then put it back outside. I think the kitty was glad to be back outside!!

Faith's first day at mother's day out

Faith is going to mother's day out once a week now. I felt sooo bad when I left her. I started to go back and get her! She was fine, I was not!! The reason I decided to do this is because it is nearly impossible to clean house with my little Faith. She has some characteristics very close to a puppy, one of them being she puts everything and anything in her mouth! This includes my cleaning products. If she is not right under foot then she is in another room clearing out all contents of every cabinet door that she can open. We now have latches and knob covers on nearly everything that opens, so if you come to our house, you better know how to operate child safely devices!! I used to be a clean freak, this inherited from my mother, thank you! From my father I inherited the uncontrollable fear of burning down my house! You can ask some people, my oven looks like it is never used!! If something drips or falls in my oven I will clean it right them, that stuff might catch on fire, right!!! And crock pots, those aren't for easy meals that can cook while you are out. I've tried that before, it stressed me out, I have to call my house every 1/2 hour to make sure that the answering machine picks up that way I know my house has not burnt down!! You know you do that too, don't you??!!! I know no one else does, you are laughing at me right now!! Sorry, for getting off of the subject! Everyone can post their OCD behaviors as Thursday's post!! Anyhow, so my house is never all clean at one time and this has started to drive my husband crazy too! Guess what, my house is ALL clean at one time! I accomplished my goal! So now you can come to my house unannounced and no one will get embarrassed (Bradley- I love you honey!!)! Faith enjoyed her day at mother's day out. The ladies said that she had a ball. She was however mad at me when I picked her up I guess because she would not look at or talk to me! By the time we got home she was over it!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Mittens? Pepper?

Well, we don't have a name for it yet! The girl's Great Granny always has a massive litter of cats at her house. People know this, so when they have additions to their homes that they do not want, they figure it is ok to drop them off at Granny's house, she will never notice them! This little kitten was not blending in too well. Matter of fact, she was drawing so much attention to herself that either the kitten or Granny was going to have to leave! She loves people! Granny is very active and is trying to remodel some rooms in her house. This little one was trying to help but was getting in the way! When we arrived at her house yesterday, the kitten greeted us at the car door. She and Haley had an instant bond. Granny said please take it. For the safety of the kitten and Granny, not to mention the insanity that Bradley and I would have had to endure if we broke the bond that Haley had made, we brought this little creature home!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

We have raised an animal!

We had another exciting day today (if that is what you want to call it!!)! Faith pooped in the tub while getting her bath this morning. While cleaning the tub out she squated in our bedroom floor and pooped again. While I was cleaning the carpet, she got Bradley's car keys out of his night stand and put them in the toilet (she has a toilet fetish apparently)! We had dinner at Chilis tonight and she was bouncing off of the walls and attaching Haley, pulling hair, hitting, biting! On the way home she sticks her tongue out and starts panting like a dog. We don't have a dog, so I'm not sure where she has seen this! I must admit though, I did stick my tongue out at her first! But, I did not pant! I thought we had an animal, now I know we do!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Faith's days without Haley

Faith has been doing a pretty good job entertaining herself since school has started back. She was mad at Haley on the first day of school however. When we picked Haley up, Faith would not look at her or talk to her. If Haley touched Faith, she would scream at Haley! Their relationship returned to normal by day 2! The house is much quieter with Haley at school. Faith is a very busy little girl trying to entertain herself. As you can see from the pictures, she has taken up coloring. She really seems to enjoy it and stays on her paper for the most part (there is red crayon on our utility room door though:l ). She keeps me running all day long. You never know what she is in to! Today was a very busy day following the toddler. She will not leave our toothbrushes and toothpaste alone. She likes to taste of the toothpaste. It does not matter where I hide them, she finds them! She found a can of shaving cream and took the cap off and was licking it. She is constantly getting into the entertainment center and pulling out cds. She discovered that there are clothes to be unfolded in the drawers in our bedroom. The list goes on and on, but the worst one today was right after Bradley got home, I heard our toilet lid drop and Faith came into the kitchen licking wet hands (YUCK!!)

First Day of School

Haley started third grade Monday. She has Mrs. McCall for her teacher. She was not too thrilled about starting school at first, but I think it is getting better! As you can tell from the picture, she looks so excited!! I am thinking that third grade is going to be a big change due to the amount of reading homework that she brought home for social studies today. She has been a straight A student, so I don't think she has anything to worry about! We are very proud of her, hopefully she will continue this!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Day in the ER

We got the lovely opportunity to spend the majority of today in the ER.
The bonus room in our house was an after thought to the original building plan. Therefore, you have to go into the garage to get to the staircase. Haley has claimed the room as her's. Today Haley went out into the garage and upstairs and apparently Faith figured out how to get the door open and headed out and up the stairs after Haley. Haley heard Faith crying and opened the door (which by the way opens out!!!) to discover that Faith was at the top of the stairs but not until after the door had hit Faith and sent her tumbling down 12 hard, wooden stairs. I was sure that there had to be more to her injuries that a bump on her head. I called and talked to the pediatrician's nurse and was told to take her to the ER. The ER doctor was very much so amazed to find no more that a bump on Faith's head considering her massive tumble. It is ER protocol to CT scan a child under 2 that has had a blow to the head, so we had a CT scan. Everything was perfectly fine on the scan. Thank God!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Pulling Weeds

Faith accompanied Bradley this evening while he was watering the grass. He was pulling a few weeds and she decided to help out. It was so cute!! How about Bradley's outfit?? Is that a fashion statement or what?!!! Faith also was checking the water temperature in the fountain. You know you can grow mosquitoes in those things in the summer in Arkansas if they get too hot, haahaa!

Monday, July 21, 2008


Obviously Bradley looks like a jungle gym when he is laying in the floor and our girls just can not help themselves, they must climb. I am not really sure who's idea this was. I think it all started out with Haley doing her typical flying act. A little someone has become quite the jealous one lately and had to get right in the middle of it! I look in the living room to find this! Bradley has watched too much celebrity circus!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Little Eyes Are Watching You

It is amazing how much little ones learn by watching and listening to what others around them do. Faith was out on the deck Monday night and got a little splinter in her big toe. I tried to get it out with the tweezers and she refused to have anything to do with that. So, I waited until she was asleep and successfully removed the splinter. Well, even though she was screaming and fighting my efforts when she was awake, apparently she did observe what I was doing. This morning she found the tweezers. She climbed up on the couch with Haley and as you can see from the picture, she was doing the same action that she observed me doing! A little bit of a lesson to learn and remember here, even when you don't think they are watching or listening, they are, and they will mimic you!!!

Learning Bad Behavior

An advantage, or I guess in this case disadvantage, to having an older sibling is picking up bad behavior! I looked in the living room today to find Haley and Faith both sitting on the coffee table watching TV. They have both been told numerous times not to sit on the coffee table! Faith I can understand, Haley on the other hand is old enough to know better!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Little Model!!

Ok, this is not a Cheatham girl, but I had to post these pictures!! Most of you know Avery, so you will enjoy these! Last week at our playgroup Avery was standing in front of me so I told her to look at me so I could take her picture. Erica told Avery to pose for the picture and she did! I took the picture and Erica told her to change her pose and she did!!! This went on for several pictures as you can see!! I loved it! She was just as serious as could be about it! I think you may have a little model on your hands Erica!!

I Can Fly!!

If Bradley is laying on the floor then Haley sees that as an opportunity to fly! He lifts her up in the air with his feet and she poses. Here is her superman!

Monday, July 14, 2008

I Need A Mommy Break!!!

Ok, let's make sure we get this straight from the get go.... I know that I am very, very blessed to be able to have the opportunity to stay at home with my kids. However! However, 24/7 little people starts to really drive a person, well, insane is actually a good word for it. About once a week I feel the need to just get away! Even if it means getting in my car and driving to the store to grab a gallon of milk! I just need to go somewhere and not have any needs from the back seat, to not have to gather 10 things out of the car to go to the store, to not be followed around. Just me and my purse (not diaper bag!!)! I decided to include a little tad bit of what happens around my house at least a dozen times a day. Faith is perfectly happy doing whatever she is doing and then she catches a glimpse of me and independence is out the window, here she comes screaming with what she thinks is a need to be held! In this video, not 2 seconds prior, she was playing some air guitar and dancing while Haley was playing guitar hero. I was cleaning up the kitchen from dinner and took a peek in the room to check on the girls and guess whose eye I caught! Here she comes crying demanding that I pick her up! So, I just needed to vent a little because I am in desperate need of a mommy break right now and am actually fixin to get one here in a couple of minutes!! Haley and I are going to Hobby Lobby and Barnes and Noble, just the two of us! We tried to do this earlier but Faith was like a bull in a china cabinet, there were books flying everywhere! Haley and I decided that this is a trip to make without the little one! Again, I love my children dearly and am soo sooo blessed to have them and be able to stay home with them, but I now understand why about once a month my dad would set me and my brother and sister down and tell us that he was about to have to take my mom (stay at home mom also) to Green Leaf if we did not let up a little on her!!! Enjoy the video!!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Our Story

My family moved to Arkansas in the summer of 1990. My brother was wanting to play baseball so my dad had actually met with the president of the baseball association before we moved to get him signed up to play as soon as we got settled in. Bradley's dad was the president of the baseball association in Batesville, so that is the first person my dad met in Batesville. My dad and Bradley's seemed to hit it off well. The first Sunday that we were in Batesville, we were invited to attend church with Bradley's family and if I recall correctly, that is actually where we first met. Bradley and my brother played ball together all summer and our families spent alot of time together. During that time I became very fond of Bradley. When summer was over so was baseball. School started,and I made new friends. Bradley was a year ahead of me, so we did not see as much of each other. A year later however, we started to take more interest in each other again. One of Bradley's friends actually wanted to go to the movies with me and he was too chicken to call me himself, so he had Bradley call me. I did not like this friend, so I said no. Bradley made several phone calls on this friend's behalf and we both found it nice to be visiting with each other again. Bradley asked me again to go to the movie but he decided that he did not want me to say yes to his friend but to him. Of course I said yes! We went and saw "Days of Thunder". And the rest is history!!
We dated all through high school. When Bradley went off to college we had some rocky times. He was experiencing college life and I was still in high school, so there were alot of changes going on. Bradley got a job at Sears (there is the connection with the Barrett's!!). There were these girls there that thought he needed to date a college girl instead of a high school girl, but he did not! I had a hard time liking Amy when I first met her!!! We survived and as soon as I graduated high school I was Jonesboro bound! In the summer of 97' we were engaged and married that December in the church where we first met in Batesville. We will celebrate our 11th anniversary this year. I love my high school sweet heart dearly and thank God everyday that through all of our years that he has adored me enough to hang around!

This is as far back as I was allowed to put a picture! Somebody threatened to put some lovely ones of me if I went back any further! This is Bradley's senior prom. April 93'

Engagement Picture

Wedding Picture December 97'
As you can see, this is a picture of a picture!! Digital was not around yet!

Camp Rock Drama Queen

Haley watches too much tv in our opinion. I know what you are thinking, so don't let her!! We do limit her tv time but she tends to be severely influenced by the time she is allowed to watch. She thinks life is a Disney show! Anyhow, her newest thing is Camp Rock. She recorded it when it premiered and has watched it over and over. Bradley was very sneaky to get this video. He and I had been in another room so Haley felt safe to do her own thing without being watched. She changed into some dance attire and was working on learning a dance out of the Camp Rock movie. Bradley went into the kitchen to get a drink and noticed her intently working on this dance. He grabbed the camera and captured some video. She noticed him at the end and I do believe was a little embarrassed!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sharing Some Chocolate Cake

Haley has been gone to Gigi & Grandad's since Saturday. Faith sure does miss big sister when she is gone. They spent a little quality time together tonight eating some chocolate cake! Those girls are just like their daddy, they love chocolate!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Faith has become quite the little camera bug! When she sees the camera she immediately stops whatever she is doing and poses! Her newest thing however is "cheese"! Not only is she posing, she says "cheese"! So, this picture, that's a BIG CHEESE!!

Saturday, July 5, 2008