Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sleepy Girl

Faith was so sleepy last night that she was apparently delirious. There is not much explaination needed for the pictures except yes, she is rubbing her eyes with her toes!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Haley is playing fall soccer for Jonesboro Soccer Association. This is her first time at the sport. Bradley never played the sport and I played a couple of years when I was little but do not really remember anything about rules and such. The girls only had 2 practices before the first game yesterday. So it pretty much so goes without saying the poor Haley was lost.
She expressed great concern on friday about her upcoming games due to the lack of knowledge on what she is supposed to be doing. Bradley got online and got a little information and went over it with her. She started the game and ran around without making any contact with the ball. About 10 minutes into the first half she declared that she was not going to play! Bless her heart, she was totally lost. Bradley had a talk with her and she went back into the game. She ran hard, made several contacts with the ball and overall did an awesome job. We had our second game this afternoon and she played like a pro! As you can see, the sport took alot of energy from her and she was red-faced and exhausted by the end of the game.
We will have some more practice this week and then back out for 2 games next weekend. We are hoping for some possible goals next week! Feel free to come out and cheer her on!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Fall Items

Me, Amy, Sabrina & Erica are working on some coordinating fall items. Here are a few of the items that I have been working on. Check out everyone elses blogs and etsy stores to see their items!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Faith & Kitty

Well, Faith is warming up to the kitty. She did not want it on her in the beginning. She preferred to watch from afar and maybe pat it on the head but that was it! This morning after we dropped Haley off at school, Faith decided to hang out in the garage for a miniute with the kitty. I left the utility room door open while I sat my things down. Faith met me in my bedroom with kitty. Unfortunately it appears that the neck is the best place to hold a kitty when you are 1! I let her love on it for a minute and then put it back outside. I think the kitty was glad to be back outside!!

Faith's first day at mother's day out

Faith is going to mother's day out once a week now. I felt sooo bad when I left her. I started to go back and get her! She was fine, I was not!! The reason I decided to do this is because it is nearly impossible to clean house with my little Faith. She has some characteristics very close to a puppy, one of them being she puts everything and anything in her mouth! This includes my cleaning products. If she is not right under foot then she is in another room clearing out all contents of every cabinet door that she can open. We now have latches and knob covers on nearly everything that opens, so if you come to our house, you better know how to operate child safely devices!! I used to be a clean freak, this inherited from my mother, thank you! From my father I inherited the uncontrollable fear of burning down my house! You can ask some people, my oven looks like it is never used!! If something drips or falls in my oven I will clean it right them, that stuff might catch on fire, right!!! And crock pots, those aren't for easy meals that can cook while you are out. I've tried that before, it stressed me out, I have to call my house every 1/2 hour to make sure that the answering machine picks up that way I know my house has not burnt down!! You know you do that too, don't you??!!! I know no one else does, you are laughing at me right now!! Sorry, for getting off of the subject! Everyone can post their OCD behaviors as Thursday's post!! Anyhow, so my house is never all clean at one time and this has started to drive my husband crazy too! Guess what, my house is ALL clean at one time! I accomplished my goal! So now you can come to my house unannounced and no one will get embarrassed (Bradley- I love you honey!!)! Faith enjoyed her day at mother's day out. The ladies said that she had a ball. She was however mad at me when I picked her up I guess because she would not look at or talk to me! By the time we got home she was over it!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Mittens? Pepper?

Well, we don't have a name for it yet! The girl's Great Granny always has a massive litter of cats at her house. People know this, so when they have additions to their homes that they do not want, they figure it is ok to drop them off at Granny's house, she will never notice them! This little kitten was not blending in too well. Matter of fact, she was drawing so much attention to herself that either the kitten or Granny was going to have to leave! She loves people! Granny is very active and is trying to remodel some rooms in her house. This little one was trying to help but was getting in the way! When we arrived at her house yesterday, the kitten greeted us at the car door. She and Haley had an instant bond. Granny said please take it. For the safety of the kitten and Granny, not to mention the insanity that Bradley and I would have had to endure if we broke the bond that Haley had made, we brought this little creature home!