Tuesday, August 26, 2008

We have raised an animal!

We had another exciting day today (if that is what you want to call it!!)! Faith pooped in the tub while getting her bath this morning. While cleaning the tub out she squated in our bedroom floor and pooped again. While I was cleaning the carpet, she got Bradley's car keys out of his night stand and put them in the toilet (she has a toilet fetish apparently)! We had dinner at Chilis tonight and she was bouncing off of the walls and attaching Haley, pulling hair, hitting, biting! On the way home she sticks her tongue out and starts panting like a dog. We don't have a dog, so I'm not sure where she has seen this! I must admit though, I did stick my tongue out at her first! But, I did not pant! I thought we had an animal, now I know we do!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Faith's days without Haley

Faith has been doing a pretty good job entertaining herself since school has started back. She was mad at Haley on the first day of school however. When we picked Haley up, Faith would not look at her or talk to her. If Haley touched Faith, she would scream at Haley! Their relationship returned to normal by day 2! The house is much quieter with Haley at school. Faith is a very busy little girl trying to entertain herself. As you can see from the pictures, she has taken up coloring. She really seems to enjoy it and stays on her paper for the most part (there is red crayon on our utility room door though:l ). She keeps me running all day long. You never know what she is in to! Today was a very busy day following the toddler. She will not leave our toothbrushes and toothpaste alone. She likes to taste of the toothpaste. It does not matter where I hide them, she finds them! She found a can of shaving cream and took the cap off and was licking it. She is constantly getting into the entertainment center and pulling out cds. She discovered that there are clothes to be unfolded in the drawers in our bedroom. The list goes on and on, but the worst one today was right after Bradley got home, I heard our toilet lid drop and Faith came into the kitchen licking wet hands (YUCK!!)

First Day of School

Haley started third grade Monday. She has Mrs. McCall for her teacher. She was not too thrilled about starting school at first, but I think it is getting better! As you can tell from the picture, she looks so excited!! I am thinking that third grade is going to be a big change due to the amount of reading homework that she brought home for social studies today. She has been a straight A student, so I don't think she has anything to worry about! We are very proud of her, hopefully she will continue this!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Day in the ER

We got the lovely opportunity to spend the majority of today in the ER.
The bonus room in our house was an after thought to the original building plan. Therefore, you have to go into the garage to get to the staircase. Haley has claimed the room as her's. Today Haley went out into the garage and upstairs and apparently Faith figured out how to get the door open and headed out and up the stairs after Haley. Haley heard Faith crying and opened the door (which by the way opens out!!!) to discover that Faith was at the top of the stairs but not until after the door had hit Faith and sent her tumbling down 12 hard, wooden stairs. I was sure that there had to be more to her injuries that a bump on her head. I called and talked to the pediatrician's nurse and was told to take her to the ER. The ER doctor was very much so amazed to find no more that a bump on Faith's head considering her massive tumble. It is ER protocol to CT scan a child under 2 that has had a blow to the head, so we had a CT scan. Everything was perfectly fine on the scan. Thank God!