Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Why I Can Never Complete A Task

I end everyday without getting close to completing everything that I would have liked to have that day. Why? Well because I have a 2 year old. A 2 year old who is for sure in her terrible 2s! Every time I start doing something, she gets into something. This is what my computer desk currently looks like because I never have a chance to look at anything, I just throw it on my desk and if I am lucky, I get to go through it about once a month. I plan to go through it today! Hahahaha! We will see if that happens!

Last week at Haley's dance class Faith stripped necked,twice. How, oh how, do you keep clothes on a toddler? I have been told that she is Eva Grace Barrett made over!

Thursday night ended in tears of stress. I planned to go check out daycares on friday & look for a job! Bradley & I had a long talk and I am feel better today! Or right now anyways, the day is not over!
Today has been crazy already and it is just 2. I was thinking that I should write everything down that Faith does in a day and then remembered that I have this blog. So, I am going to blog the events of each day so that I will always have these terrible two memories. I will post the days events every night, starting tonight!!