Sunday, February 1, 2009

09 Ice Storm

We had some frozen precipitation that started Monday afternoon and some through the night. These pictures were taken from Haley's bedroom on Tuesday morning. Bradley hates the 4 pine trees that belong to the neighbors but border our lot because every time the wind blows limbs & branches fall in our yard. As you can see from these pictures, as always, the limbs are on our side of the trees!

It rained off and on during the day on Tuesday. The temperature was so low out that the rain was turning to ice and piling up on the trees & power lines. By Tuesday evening power lines became too heavy and people started losing their power. Ours was flickering during dinner. We knew that it was just a matter of time so we headed out in search of wood for the fire place. Bradley had to stop and cut a bundle of trees down that were crossing the road just so that we could get down the road to get wood. I would have taken pictures of him cutting the trees, but by that time the street lights were out and you could hear trees falling all around but could see nothing. I was asked to stay in the truck. By the time we got back home our neighborhood was a total blackout! We decided the best thing to do was to pile up on our bed and call it a night. The girls had not trouble falling asleep. Trees were snapping and falling all around us so Bradley and I could not sleep. I was a nervous wreck. When we built our house, Bradley made sure that we were clear of all tree branches. However, loaded down with ice the branches were really close to the house. When the sun finally came up Wednesday morning, this is what it looked like outside. We burned all of our wood by Wednesday evening and not knowing when we may have power again, we went to Batesville.

Haley had a slumber party to go to on Friday night, so we left Faith in Batesville and took Haley to her party. Bradley decided since it was just the 2 of us that we would just go to the powerless house and fire up the fireplace to keep warm. The living room was 68 degrees with the fireplace, so we were fine.

We spent the day on Saturday cleaning up the area. It is hard to tell from this picture, but that limb is about 2 feet in the ground. I would not have wanted to be under that limb when it fell. I also spent some time throwing everything in my refrigerator in the trash which was very depressing.

It is Sunday night at 6:21 and I am blogging from the home of my in-laws in Batesville because we still do not have any power in my neighborhood:(