Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Faith's Day

Faith & I had an early morning bath. Earlier than usual because Faith found Haley's brand new tube of toothpaste and was attempting to eat it but had it from one end to the other of herself and the bathroom. After her bath, she peed on the potty before I allowed her to run through the house in her preferred attire (nothing)! I dried & dressed and went to dress her. She was in her room playing with her kitchen and I notice that she peed in the floor!!
While I was doing laundry Faith was missing. I found her in my bedroom with these candles out eating them.

Faith was coloring on a peice of paper with a pencil while I was trying to pay some bills and dissappeared with the pencil. She was in the living room eating it, eraser & tip.
Attempted to pay bills again and Haley calmly tells me that Faith needs me. I find Faith in the living room, necked (as always) with a poopy diaper in the floor, poop on her hands & clothes and in her hair! Is it ok to use antibacterial wipes on kids because I did! This called for bath #2 of the day.

I was needing to run to sonic for happy hour and told the girls to get ready to walk out the door. I walk in the living room and see this... she tells me "I ready to go"!

Faith helped me cook dinner by standing in a chair beside me and watching my every move. After dinner I had to leave for band practice at church, so my day with Faith pretty much so ended there. She was in lala land when I got home!


Bruce, Andrea, & Ashtyn said...

Oh my gosh! Nothing is safe from the jaws of Faith! That is too funny! I'm so glad we haven't taught Ashtyn how to undress yet!!! And thankfully she has no interest in figuring it out either.

The Westbrook's Waltzes said...

LOL!!! This post just cracks me up! Thanks for sharing your "adventures!"

Amy Barrett said...

That last picture is absolutely hilarious! READY TO GO!